What If I Have an Emergency or Unscheduled Service Need?
Rest assured that in the case of an emergency, Shareatech will respond. In addition to your normally assigned network engineer, Shareatech assigns a secondary engineer to perform as a backup engineer on your account. Additionally, by using the web-portal tool and having the availability with your membership of a CxO level account manager, you can be rest assured of the most optimal response time in the rare case of an emergency.
If you have a situation that requires more time than you have scheduled for a particular day and you need top request for an unscheduled service requirement, we will arrange for a site visit by either your standard network engineer, the secondary backup engineer or your account manager. There may be instances that we need to coordinate programming changes with other Shareatech members, but we will provide the support you need, when you need it

What if I overrun the annual number of hours I have purchased?
As you enjoy the benefit of having your own Network Team and your own purchasing consortium, feel comfortable that in the event that you “overuse” your membership, your rates on a per hour basis are locked during the contract period. You will receive an invoice subject to the normal payment terms for those hours in excess of your annual membership benefit.
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